Favors Prizes

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Baby shower favors....Please help!!! THANKS!?

I have a friend and two aunts throwing me a baby shower in a month. For favors each party guest will receive a large hershey's chocolate bar with a custom wrapper with a cute saying on it.
There will be 3 games with several prizes given out in each game. We picked games that have at least 5 winners. (so 15 winners)
There will also be large centerpiece giveaways as a mini game as well. (10 winners)
People will be able to take small centerpieces on the table of candy filled bottles(about 10 of these)

Anyways my question is...There will be about 35 prizes given away, with everyone receiving a custom chocolate bar. BUT there will be about 60 people at the shower. Should I buy 25 more favors/prizes so that everyone gets one as well? I'm not sure if the chocolate bar is enough...my hosts thinks they are??? But I feel like I should pick up some more items. How would you feel as a guest?? Please help! Thanks!

Best Answer...


Most people expect that not everyone will get a "prize". the chocolate bars are enough. If everyone gets a prize, it takes away from the fun of winning. People may be a little bummed that they didn't win at the time, but won't remember it a week later. Save yourself the time, effort and money and leave it as they are. Use the money for something you will need for your baby instead. Congratulations and have fun!