Vip Pass

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Vip PassPaypal verification increases the security for Bulk Party Supplies users. Verified members have successfully completed PayPal"s Strict Verification system to establish their identity. When you shop for Vip Pass, you can now do it with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do i get VIP pass to a jonas brothers show?

i really want one but i gotta figure out how to get one! if you can tell me how i can get a pass to meet them or something ,that would be EVEN better. thanks! <3

Best Answer...


I got my VIP tickets in ticketmaster. I don't really know how you can a pass to meet them(meet and greet) but having VIP is AlMOST like meeting them because you get to see them during soundcheck. The package costs $347.50 each person. Here is what the package includes:

-One premium Reserved seat
-Early Entry into the venue
-Premium parking
-Soundcheck party
-Official Commemorative Vip Laminate
-Special Gift Bag